5 ingredients that make a good corporate identity design

There are many things that define a corporation. This can be in terms of mainline or digital. While corporate are looking to give their company and their brand an identity, it is extremely important to give each part of this identity a serious thought so that it becomes exactly what you want it to be.

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As a corporate design company, you need to understand the client’s work, their product and their global standing before coming up a good design for the same. To get it right, you need to pay closer attention to the ‘ingredients’ that make up their identity.

Here are the five ingredients you should keep in mind while building a corporate design.


This is of utmost importance. The logo becomes the brand’s face at all times, good or bad. If you are planning to create a logo, it needs to incorporate what the company stands for and the services it offers. While the logo is the most recognizable thing, you need to keep your logos clean and minimal until further meaning is added to it by the company itself.

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This is another important aspect as the company’s messages need to be delivered to the audience in a clean, readable format. The kind of fonts you use again depend on the corporation. If they are willing to experiment, you have the option of going for something quirky or sticking to clean, non-serif fonts. Few companies that are more conservative will stick to simple serif fonts.
Ensure that it is used all across the platforms including billboards, websites and more and can account for the readability.

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When you are doing corporate design for companies, colours form a very big part of it. The users will judge the website or the page just by the colour alone in the first 90 seconds so it is important to choose colours that capture the user’s attention but also reflect the value and traditions of the company with subtlety.
Ensure that you check out colour harmonies and colour theories to see what suits the corporation’s tone the best.

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The quality of the company needs to be shown very carefully through the company’s design. Clutter it or add too many colours and the quality might be shown to go down. Sticking to a proper colour theme and keeping the design clean and minimal increases the quality of the company and the products it offers at once. Understanding how to present quality digitally is extremely needed.


Building a brand is required of every company. People tend to remember the brand more often than anything else, and design contributes a lot to this. Understanding the kind of brand they want to build and supplementing the same with the needed digital presence is necessary for effective design.

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While these five ingredients make up a good corporate design, it is necessary to understand they all play an important part on their own as well. With the right kind of corporate design company helping you to achieve the right designs, you can stand apart from the rest.

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