After a business meeting finishes, presentations are forgotten and memories fade. Ensure your print marketing materials stand out – they are the only things that remain!

Cha-Ching Group is a full-service graphic design company in Bangkok, offering a range of creative graphic design services to drive your business to the next level. We understand the objectives and needs of our clients, and provide fresh ideas, thinking out-of-the-box to deliver measurable results — always on time and within budget.

The success of our clients has made us one of Bangkok’s most well-known and well respected graphic design agencies. No matter what your print marketing needs, we have you covered. Whether it is business cards or brochures, catalogues or calendars – our expert design team is on hand to assist. Our products will be sure to augment your company’s branding & identity and positively represent your business to key stakeholders. Take a look at our graphic design portfolio today!


Graphic Design Thailand

Create an Emotional Connection

A strong and effective graphic design should not only evoke emotions in the viewer but also provide an impetus for them to act in a certain way. It should also be the catalyst for an individual to engage with a topic, whether that be through thought, emotions or simply acquiring knowledge. However, those in the industry know that this is no easy task! As a Graphic Design Bangkok Company with a wealth of experience, we understand the thought and effort required to reach this goal. Our print designers spend countless hours planning and discussing each design, ensuring that each and every one achieves the desired outcome.

Graphic Design Thailand

Simple Format and Layout

The primary aim of any effective graphic design is to be easily understood and easy to remember. Designs that have too much color, words or clutter are often confusing and distracting. This will result in poor messaging and reduced customer engagement. On the flipside, a simple and original layout will engage the viewer and create a connection with the messaging contained within.

Graphic Design Thailand

Easy to Read and Understand Copy

The old adage of ‘less is more’ is particularly relevant when designing effective print materials. Copy-heavy material can often be distracting, or in many cases, simply ignored by the viewer. Instead, we prefer to use bullet points or short crisp sentences to convey messages for our clients. Simple and appropriate fonts also ensure that graphics will not become distorted nor will text become unreadable.

Graphic Design Thailand

Focus on the Benefits

Our experienced Graphic Design Bangkok Company appreciates Thailand’s unique business environment and understands the needs of its local and international customers. All customers, whether they are potential buyers or future business associates, are interested in the benefits to them. As such, your print material must contain clear and concise messaging in this regard. This formula holds true for all branded content and print design including business card, brochures, trade show displays, posters and banners. Consult us, the Graphic Design Bangkok, Thailand today.