Digital Marketing

Cha-Ching Group is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our team utilize advance digital marketing techniques and with great passionate delivers the most creative and successful ways to enhance the digital performance to the next level.

What we do?

Test. Measure. Decide. – These are core essentials that allows us to identify, reach, and, connect with audiences through creative storytelling across digital platforms and drive up revenues and profits. After analyzing the requirements, our solutions are proposed for implementation according to the needs.

How we do it?

Our experienced digital marketing team are well experienced and will tackle the problems being faced by the customer. Utilizing the end to end customer journey and optimizing the touchpoints are our key-strength to meet the clients goal.

Digital Marketing Services:

Marketing Consulting: Our marketing team will help you achieve your goal and iron-out difficulties with that are being faced and help you grow your business.

Social Media Marketing: Build your presence across Facebook, Instagram, LINE, LinkedIn

Search Advertising: Utilize the intent engine to deliver high quality traffic to uplift the conversion rate.

Display Marketing: Place your brand in front of the audience that matters to your business.

SEO: Utilize the strength of longtail to deliver intent traffic to your website.

Snippets: Prepare for the voice search and rich content to improve the content for chat robots.

Email Marketing: Target your user that have stayed with you increase your repeat rate and review score.

Meta Search Engine: Increase your Conversion and presence across TripAdvisor, Trivago and another Meta Search.

Chat Ready: Implement your website to enable Customer to communicate with you directly via multiple platform.

Digital Marketing is an art and science of delivering the right message to the customer at the right moment with aid of technology. Digital marketing is considered an art as it requires right creativity blend between the Brand and the message that is being delivered to the consumer while it is considered as science as it requires detail understanding of the right process, technology and execution to tap the right customer at the right time.

Digital Marketing is required in every aspect of business either those companies engaged in manufacturing and are looking to build the brand image and also for service-based industry provide services to the end-user. In early days there were only handful channels that were used for digital marketing and over past decades digital marketing has become complex. It is estimated that the era of digital marketing will become more prominent and the current offline industry have to blend with technology to exists.

Covid19 has become and eye opener for business owners. It has opened the window of opportunity for digital transformation and have taught a lesson to all business that relaying on one channel is not the ideal approach to sustain for a long-term success. It has transformed multiple industry to create digital presence and target the consumer and while tighten the spending.

Travel and hospitality industry are hit hard during the Covid19 pandemic and it is unclear on until when the situation would last. Domestic or selling locally has become a new normal during the lockdown era and digital marketing has become indeed very essential. It is essentially straight forward to go and buy traffic from social media platform but all these dollars would simply go to waste if there isn’t a proper understanding regarding the Conversion funnel. Data driven digital marketing and understanding the key KPI along with executing the key digital marketing to concur the KPI is an approach that must be implemented to garner success for any business.

Multi-channel digital marketing approach is a must multiple touch point is a must. Having presence in just once channel for instance Email is not enough as consumer have become smart and the technology driving digital marketing have become even smarter. If the business is only engaging in one tough point the consumer would eventually go ahead and use other areas like intent engine or social channel or even comparison channel, coupon channels leading all towards opening a window for other similar products. Digital marketing Bangkok works well if it is executed well across all tough points.

At Cha-Ching Group we have dedicated and well experienced people working on satisfying the need of clientele to deliver the solution for their digital business. With variety of technology and agency the most important criteria for choosing an agency is the experience and understanding of all the touchpoints. Our team have wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to enable our clients for digital business. There is endless opportunity that we have helped our existing clients with Web design solutions along with our digital marketing services and we are confident we will enable your business with cutting edge digital technologies. Contact us today to start expanding your online reach.

Tips on improving your Online Marketing through Social Media, SEO and other digital channels.

Online marketing is composed of digital channels that are used to attract and retain customers. These are websites, emails, banners, videos, and other social channels. While traditional marketing focuses or reaching out to customers through mainstream channels like television and radio, online marketing is about reaching a niche audience through a digital interface. Social media has made online marketing extremely interactive and therefore customers can ask and get solutions instantly, something that enhances the customer-brand relationship. A solid online marketing strategy is made using different tactics.

To get the best out of online marketing, here are a few tips:



Customers want to interact with your content, which would guide them in their decision-making process. Therefore, when creating your content strategy, you must ensure that your business needs overlap with the needs of your target audience. Whenever you are creating a social media profile, a website or any other channel, you need to have the customer in mind. Is what your online marketing Bangkok strategy going to help the customer and to what extent? What value will the content add to the customer? You must identify your audience, set goals and define your success metrics. Share the content you produce across the different sites so that your target audience can connect with you and get them talking about the brand.



You have heard that content is king, right. But more importantly is the optimization of the same content. You must always ensure that you publish relevant and high-quality content consistently. Here, it’s not about keyword stuffing but creating some really compelling content that would impress and give solutions to the audience. The more compelling your content is, the higher it would rank on the search engines. To increase the visibility of your site, add alt-tag and Meta descriptions to your web pages appropriately



Social media is a platform where people discuss issues, agree and disagree with an aim of getting solutions. Whenever you open social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and such, you allow prospects and customers to interact with you. You should always ensure that you listen to their views, obsessions, complaints, and complement and together, work out for a solution. Gone are the days when customers would be convinced by an advert on buying some stuff, today they want to talk to the business owner through an interactive online marketing Bangkok platform, which is friendly to them.



Almost two-thirds of the world’s population have smartphones today and these are able to access the internet. Customers today would shop online and make their purchase decisions. Gone are the days when people used to access the internet using the desktop- the number of the users is dwindling by the day with many turning to the mobile devices as the better and most convenient option. For you to take advantage of these numbers, you must ensure that your website is perfectly designed so that it can be easily accessed using the mobile.

Digital Marketing is a sure way of growing and maintain a valuable client base. Therefore, you should find out the digital channels that work best in executing your Digital Marketing Bangkok plan for better results.