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  • "in nature, light creates the colour,

    in the picture, colour creates the light"

  • "the distance between insanity and genius

    is measured only by success"

  • "creative without strategy is called 'art',

    creative with strategy is called 'advertising'"

  • "good art is interpreted

    good design is understood"

  • "good design goes to heaven;

    bad design goes everywhere"

  • "good design is all about making other designers

    feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs"

  • "practice safe design:

    use a concept"

  • "computers are to design

    as microwaves are to cooking"

GRAPHIC design & CORPORATE identity

Our design has purpose, the purpose to positively differentiate your brand and position it for competitive advantage in your market. We design all things for business from brand logos to uniforms, vehicle fleets, packaging and the full range of point of sale. If you need an emergency promotional flyer or a detailed training handbook we are confident we can assist you to deliver a quality and successful product.

  • Logo Design : Collateral Design
    Display Ad Layouts : Flyers
    Brochures : Mailers : Newsletters
    Sales Presentation Folders : Packets
    Book Cover Design : Desktop Publishing
    Posters : Banners : Signs
    Media Packaging: DVD / CD-ROM / VHS Covers
  • Product Packaging: Bubble Pack / Product Boxes
    Property Sitemaps : Building Floorplans
    Custom Invitations
    Patch and T-shirt Design
    Vehicle Decals
    Print Coordination & Oversight for all jobs
    Signage and Way-Finding

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Known for our simple, yet stunning interfaces, our website designs are created with user-engagement in mind. We integrate the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, as well as facilitate optimal social media linkages, to create multi-functional websites that work for your business.

Every business is unique and individual – and so are our websites. We custom design and build websites that are tailored to suit your business and your market. This approach also allows us to develop solutions that meet budgets – working with small business, non-profit organisations through to large corporates.

Cha-Ching Design has been at the forefront of web design for the past 14 years. We partner with businesses and companies whether large or small from the ground up delivering well thought out web designs that reflect your business personality and uniqueness. We never offer template design. What we do offer is a customised web design that will push boundaries and elevate your business. Basically, we care what you look like online and want to deliver a web design solution that sets you apart from your competition. Having that point of difference online will work for you in a competitive environment. We look at your market, what you are trying to say and cater a bespoke web design solution that clearly articulates through clever design your products or services on offer.

So if you want to look different, have a website that truly reflects who you are and works for your business then let Cha-Ching Design partner with you for your next website project.

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Would you like to impress clients with a professional presentation that leaves a lasting impression? Cha-Ching Design can produce a high impact multimedia presentation that meets any business requirements.If the nature of your business or product commands a sophisticated and professional multimedia presentation, Cha-Ching Design’s high quality graphic design and communications skills and practical experience can be applied to your audiovisual and multimedia presentations. Whether you require a professional CD-ROM catalogue that distributors can show clients, a notebook presentation or sequence for a conference or special event, we will give your presentation that professional edge. Specialising in digitally designed products and graphic design services for CD, DVD, hard drive or print, Cha-Ching Design can produce interactive CD, DVD, 3D visualisation, graphics, web design, video and animation for any corporate needs. Combining creative and imaginative ideas with a strong understanding of communications, we can bring any project to life – from simple graphics and presentations to immersive 3D applications.

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