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  • "products are made in the factory,

    but brands are created in the mind"

  • "any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius,

    faith and perseverance to create a brand"

  • "a business based on brand is,

    very simply, a business primed for success"

  • "your brand is created out of customer contact

    and the experience your customers have of you"

MEMSHOT (thailand, hong kong)

  • Client's Brief & Project Information:

    Memshot is a photo service targeted at touristic areas, famous landmarks around the globe. The simple 'snap and go' concept was for people to capture a memory during their vacation getaway. We needed to design something that was fun and capturing the idea of the product
  • Design Specifics:

    Logo & Stationery Design, Website Design
  • Industry:

    Consumer Products
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